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No Building Codes
A Guide to States with No Building Codes
The United States Edition for 2010

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No Building Codes is a must-have guidebook for the ambitious owner-builder seeking to find the perfect state to build a home without the hassles of adhering to difficult building codes and the inspectors! Don't be shackled down from building your dream home because of these stringent building codes.

Written in 2010 by Terry Herb, founder of Containerist.com, this book is a modern day treasure map for the dreamer on a quest to find an owner-builder's land of freedom.

No Building Codes will help anyone narrow down the ideal location in the United States to build a home without dealing with building code inspectors!

Take advantage of the introductory opportunity to purchase the ebook version of this soon-to-be-published guidebook. Once published in trade paperback, the retail price for this book will be in the $29.00 range. Most industry books relating to construction and building codes can be pricey, some are even in the hundreds of dollars—another expense to building in a code restricted area.

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About the book:

Owner-builders across the United States are frustrated with the vast array of building codes adopted by so many states. Thankfully, there are still states left where you can build the kind of home you want without dealing with inspections and fees.

Have you always dreamed of building a home with your bare hands? Many of us have that desire. Do you believe that you have to put up with meeting building code requirements in order to construct your home? You don't. You can still build anything you desire in the United States. You just have to do it in the right location--where building codes don't exist. Here are some things for the owner-builder to ponder:

  • Why deal with code inspectors and passing inspections when you know you are building properly?

  • If you are going to be living in the home you built all by yourself, why answer to anyone on what you are doing and how you are doing it? Isn't that stripping you of your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? You should have complete freedom, shouldn't you?

  • Why pay thousands of dollars to architects for engineered plans because the building code officials tell you they need them; but you don't need them? How you approach the design and construction of your home should be your business alone.

  • Why should you have to hire framers, plumbers and electricians because the building code says you need licensed and certified contractors to do the work that you know you can do yourself?

  • Why get your liberties taken from you? Isn't this a free country? It is... and it should feel like it when you want to do pursue something profound as building your own home.

This country was built upon the sweat, blood and tears of pioneers and homesteaders who pushed westward with dreams of providing a safe, prosperous, and happy place for their families. With the help of their horses and other beasts of burden, they had harvested local timber for their homes. Those steadfast individuals had hand-hewn and sawed those man-crushing logs into the building blocks of their homesteads and cabins. Many of those original homes still stand to this day—as sturdy as the day they were completed.

With so many rules and laws in place, how can modern day pioneers possibly relive the emotional challenges and victories that many of our predecessors had been given the opportunity to realize for themselves?

There is a simple solution for the pioneers and out-of-the-box thinkers of today who want to swing a hammer without the hot breath of a code inspector on their necks. Just build in an area with No Building Codes.

What No Building Codes contains:

  • An outline map of each of the 50 states with counties outlined as well.

  • Current code information for every state.

  • For states with an adopted code, the name of the code is given and links to find out more about the existing code online.
  • For states with no building code, insightful commentary and information is provided to steer you in the right direction to determine if a state is right for you.
  • Researched and validated information.

  • Web links to help you learn more about the states that may interest you.

Before you buy, please note: There are no actual building codes included with the book, only the name of the building code model adopted (if any).

Who this book is and isn't for: Though this book is a reference source, it is more geared toward someone searching through the entire U.S. for the right code-free state to build a home without worrying about code inspectors. If you are thinking about purchasing this book for finding out more about your state of residence, it is recommended that you try to do some research online instead of purchasing this book.

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